As our services are transparent and straight forward, so is our pricing . Below we present our basic but core pricing model for your review.
This is to better help you engage effectively with us on your new marketing journey.
Let’s review the two  pricing models in our digital marketing agency – the retainer model and the value driven model.

Retainer Model: Paying One Flat Monthly Fee 
The retainer model allows the agency charge a standard fee for agreed custom services to be rendered. This model is normally  agreed upon between the client and the agency at the beginning of a  business relationship. A retainer guarantees execution of a list of custom services for the standard rate every month regardless of performance, execution invested time.
We do not charge a retainer fee as we feel it is critical to have a fair pricing model for all of our customers. 
Hourly: Our Agency’s Pricing Model 
The hourly model says that we will work at M amount per hour to achieve N result. The advantage of this model is that we empower you our trusty client by offering a fair pricing model and full transparency of our value proposition , regardless of their industry (niche), return on investment for their services, or what they’re currently spending on their  existing digital marketing efforts.
Our hourly model entails;
  • A paired team of digital marketing experts who work on the account. 
  • Hourly reporting showing exact accomplishments as per deliverables & execution time.
  • The ability to work with our agency within your specified timelines & budget.
Our approach allows our clients to track what we’re working on, for how long, and when it is completed – in real time. Tavjh takes a results first approach to communication in providing detailed analytics in good time that give our clients peace of mind. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can.
With our hourly pricing model, you can schedule the amount of hours you want your service rendered with regards to you active budget.Our team of experts will advise on how to adequately spend it for optimum results.

We allow you to sign up for any of our services and aim to deliver maximum R.O.I on the same.
For a complete and aggressive campaign we recommend to fully spearhead all your digital marketing efforts for 360 degree results.

The lead generation would involve Tavjh using its resources to deliver quality and qualifies leads to your sales team for conversion. Tavjh would go ahead to invoke the agreed percentage commission on successful closure of the sale.

To run successful social media campaigns ad ad budget is crucial.We recommend a client controlled budget of a weekly spend of $ 30 upwards. for optimum results. being fully in client domain it is not included in the service fee charged.

Upon a successful onboarding , the client will receive a custom reporting template accessible 24/7 with realtime updates for our hourly cliens as well.

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